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Online Doctoral Education from Renowned Nursing Education Faculty

The Nursing Education PhD program is designed to prepare nurse scholars as experts in nursing education within current and emergent academic settings or health care organizations. This doctoral nursing program is predicated on professional preparation in nursing science, nursing education, research and professional leadership.

This online program, offered by the UNC School of Nursing through the Office of Extended Studies, begins each Fall via a competitive admission process. Class size is limited. Applications must be received by Feb 1 each year for consideration for Fall entry. The program includes a required orientation session in Colorado in July the summer before you start the program.

Preparing Nurse Educators

Nurse Educators Critically Needed

There is high demand nationwide for additional Nurse Educators, and particularly in Colorado. In fact, 53% of the state's full-time faculty is aged 55 or older and retiring at a rate of 45 individuals per year, according to the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence.

The Nursing Education PhD program is committed to increasing the number of doctorally-prepared nurse educators. Graduates of the PhD program are qualified to fill nursing faculty positions in educational institutions and health care agencies.

The fully accredited UNC School of Nursing is widely recognized for preparing excellent nurses and teachers.

More Resources

We also encourage you to visit the School of Nursing–Nursing Education PhD page. You will find a detailed schedule of upcoming courses and other helpful information.


Contact the Academic Program Coordinator

Nursing Education PhD—Academic Program Coordinator

Janice Hayes
(970) 351-1690

Course of Study

This Post-Master's Nursing Education PhD is a 65 credit hour program which can be completed online in 4 years, fitting around your schedule. You will contribute work toward your dissertation during each semester in the program, and in the 4th year all of your coursework will center on your dissertation. For more information about the course of study, contact the Academic Program Coordinator or visit the School of Nursing–Nursing Education PhD web page.

On-Campus Orientation
There is a required 6-day orientation in July the summer before you start the program. You will spend three days in orientation on campus and three days at the Nurse Educator Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado. Additional on-campus events include a proposal hearing, dissertation defense and oral comprehensive exams.

Planned Course of Study

  Fall Spring Summer
Year 1

NURS 797 Doctoral Proposal Research (1)

NURS 700 Advanced Research Methods (3)

SRM 603 Statistical Methods II (3)

NURS 790 Research Colloquium (2)

SRM 602 Statistical Methods I (3)


PSY 681 Cognition and Instruction (3)



Year 2

SRM 680 Introduction to Qualitative Research (3)

NURS 760 Advanced Nursing Curriculum Design (3)

NURS 740 Intensive Teaching Practicum (3)

NURS 702 Advanced Concepts of Vulnerable Underserved Populations (3)

Elective (3)

ET 604 Computer Graphics and Visual Literacy (3)

Year 3

SRM 700 Advanced Research Methods (3)

NURS 730 The Scholarship of Teaching and Practice in Nursing Education (2)

NURS 707 Leadership in Health Policy (3)

NURS 710 Evaluation in Nursing Education (3)

NURS 780 The Professorial Role in Nursing Education (3)


Elective (3)

NURS 797 Doctoral Proposal Research (3)


Year 4

NURS 799 Doctoral Dissertation (3)

NURS 799 Doctoral Dissertation (6)

NURS 799 Doctoral Dissertation (3)

Admission Requirements and Transfer Credit

Tuition, Financial Aid and Health Insurance

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